The Sales Revolution is Here, and The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

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For years, the insurance landscape has remained largely unchanged. That is, until now.

Digital disruption has brought with it massive change, and it’s altering the face of insurance as we know it. Today’s agents and brokers will have three major choices—fade, sell or transform.

What you do now will determine your future.

Discover how to better navigate the new digital landscape ahead by downloading your free copy of “The Sales Revolution” e-book. In this book, industry experts Don Bailey and Jason Liu break down what you need to know to transform your business so you can drive growth for years to come.

2021 Update: What happens next?
What do you do once you know which tech solutions are needed for success? The key is sequence: the optimal order in which insurance agencies should implement technology solutions for maximum results. Putting it all together with a strategy, implementation plan and forward-thinking mindset will allow you to embrace market change and leverage technology to its fullest potential and come out on top. Time to get started.


How will you drive Agency Growth?

Capitalize on seismic market changes

Outpace new and changing competition

Learn best practices for differentiation

Understand methods for assessing your risk

Commit to a culture of change

Strategically map your buyer’s journey

Empower your sales and service teams

Leverage the power of automation

Sneak Peek


For several years, we’ve thought about writing a book—a book that embodies our passion for the work that we do, the people we serve and the industry we care so deeply about.

Over the course of our careers, we have witnessed monumental change within the business world as it relates to both selling and servicing—and now we’re seeing that same changing landscape apply to the broader insurance industry. The world that we entered fresh out of college has been transformed—and our servicing and sales processes need to adjust with it.

Five years ago, we were fortunate enough to cross paths during our work at SAVO (Jason as CEO) and at Marsh (Don as President of Global Sales). Through these early conversations, we discovered a shared passion for sales, coupled with insatiable intellectual curiosity and a real desire for personal and business improvement. We have been close colleagues ever since.

About a year ago, we made the exciting, yet overwhelming, decision to write a book. A book that would act as a strategic guide to help insurance leaders weather the seismic market changes ahead and better understand how to sell, service and operate in the new digital landscape. As you can imagine, putting all this into words was no simple task. And it was a task made even more arduous with the COVID-19 pandemic, which—like for many of you—caused significant upheaval in both our personal and professional lives.

While a myriad of questions remain about the long-term impact of the coronavirus, we’ve amended the book to include relevant insight where possible to help you and your agency navigate this crisis, while keeping a focus on the major market disruptions already at our feet.

The digital disruption is here, and it has brought with it the need for a Sales Revolution. How you respond is now up to you. We hope this book will help.



The Age of Self-service and the Digital Transformation

Insurance has evolved far beyond what it used to be. One such change relates to the way customers find and purchase coverage. Today’s insurance buyers demand a technology-inspired experience, and it’s reshaping the insurance industry.

All revolutions are impossible until they happen. Then they become inevitable.

– Albie Sachs

About the authors

Jason Liu Headshot

Jason has over 20 years of experience leading multiple, high-growth software companies across the world. Previously, he served as CEO of UC4 Software, Univa UD and SAVO, a leading provider of sales enablement software.

During his tenure at SAVO, Jason was at the epicenter of working with numerous large and medium sized companies making the Sales Revolution transformation outlined in this book. Jason also worked closely with many of the leading sales consulting firms and market experts in the sales automation area during this time.  

All of which set him on course for his next role, CEO of Zywave. Since joining Zywave in the spring of 2018, Jason has implemented the sales and services model championed in this book to build Zywave’s reputation as a leading insurance technology provider.

Jason Liu
-CEO Zywave

Jason Liu Signature

Don has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry, working in various roles spanning from underwriter to producer to CEO. Don was the former Chairman and CEO of Willis Towers Watson North America, President of Allstate’s business-to-business portfolio of companies and the President of Global Sales at Marsh.

During his time at Marsh, Don led the company through arguably one of its most substantial changes related to selling and its go-to market strategy, which centered around increasing new customer acquisition and bookings to drive faster growth. Don and the sales leadership team at Marsh early on embraced many of the sales techniques discussed in this book, resulting in a 4x increase in global sales growth. 

Don Bailey
-Bristlecone Partners

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Don Bailey Headshot

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